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A major problem in the area of display graphic flooring has been the issue of durability. Most graphic floors are created by printing directly to a variety of self-adhesive or non-adhesive products such as adhesive viny, linoleum or even trade standard carpet tiles.

Due to these products are supplied with a short to medium term lifespans. They can easily become scratched, disfigured or otherwise damaged making them unsuitable for trade or commercial use.

Our printed display flooring is designed for a long term use and is designed to comply with the latest legislation on anti-slip requirements.

One example of our printed floor is digitally printed image applied to the underside of solid impervious polyvinyl. This polyvinyl is extruded from raw vinyl materials into a thick, solid sheet of clear protective flooring. The image is printed onto this protected layer and encased in the polyvinyl blend with a rear coating of white ink. As a result you get a single piece of material that features the printed graphic encased within the protecting coating.

Since the print is embedded in this polyvinyl wear layer, it is impossible to damage, tear, rip, distort, stain or break. The material is impervious to normal wear and tear and will last the test of time.

Our permanent printed flooring can be cleaned with any products suitable for vinyl flooring. The product can be polished and waxed in commercial applications. Remember this is a vinyl flooring product and all general rules for vinyl flooring apply.


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